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Godot3d Omnibuilder Container Title Image for the 3d omnibuilder container.

Tired of fussing around dependencies with the godot-ci container? Tired of C# feeling like a second class citizen? Take heart! the 3d Omnibuilder is here to help!

Omnibuilder is a highly opinionated container build for supporting 3d projects C# on Godot 4.x rather than taking the route of providing a minimal experience. The idea is to include every 3d import plugin, pre-pathed in editor or project settings out of the box so that you can build and release your games with confidence!

Omnibuilder packages in:

  • dotnet sdk
  • blender
  • FBX2glTF
  • an optional semver-respecting version stamping script
  • and probably more!


Counterspell A socerex has crept into a vacant tomb in search of a powerful relic, the Counterspell. They found the ancient sentries dormant and made their way into the deepest chamber. There, they found the relic. However, upon seizing the precious artifact, the sentries awoke.

Now they must use the Counterspell, to defeat the guards and escape with their life!